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Many of our products are designed to save you finishing time and money, and we provide pre-finished formats to get you from print to deliver more efficiently.

From pre-scored and pre-perforated, to formats printable on digital equipment, we know you’ll find our products to be innovative and easy-to-use.

Our product features were made with your needs in mind.

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Printers love our Lift Off™ die cuts & here's why: 

While perforated products are a great option, they can be extremely slow out of the matrix and often leave behind rough lines. We believe efficiency and quality are equally important and that you should never have to choose. That's why we created Lift Off liners- to help printers increase efficiency, decrease assembly time, and deliver the highest quality product to their customers. 

Lift Off™ Product Features: 

  • Seamlessly peel and lift off your product from the matrix within seconds! Not only will you waste less product because it seamlessly removes from the matrix, but you will significantly increase your assembly effciency. 
  • Completely smooth lines deliver the highest quality product on the market. Say goodbye to noticeable perforation marks and jagged edges. 
  • Interlocking tabs on dimensional products easily secure together for a durable product that takes seconds to assemble. 
  • Print on any copier, laser or offset press. 
Blanks USA Lift Off Die Cuts

Check out our Lift Off™ Face Off Video! See how the Lift Off products compare to traditional perforated products for removal out of the matrix and assembly.


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